Halley's Comet Foundation

We at Halley’s Comet Foundation have a very strong conviction that by exposing an at-risk child to sailing, we make a positive and long-lasting change in their outlook. The experience of working at any job as a member of a team can be beneficial. The very nature of sailing requires the utmost in preparation, planning and teamwork.

Programs to Educate At-Risk Youth About the Sea, Sailing, Safety, and Saving the World's Resources

We need to protect the resources and livelihoods, not just the ones we have today, but in the future, too. We have an opportunity to get it right and that’s important to the entire nation.
— John Amos
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Each donation helps to sponsor a child's participation in the program. Halley's Comet Foundation is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization recognized by the State of California.