Changing Lives

We at Halley’s Comet Foundation have a very strong conviction that by exposing an at-risk child to sailing, we make a positive and long-lasting change in their outlook.  The experience of working at any job as a member of a team can be beneficial.  The very nature of sailing requires the utmost in preperation, planning and teamwork.  It is through this teamwork that we feel the most permanent impact can be made.  Our team consists of volunteers who have already shown through their own successes as mentors, as well as instructors, in sailing and in the overall operation of the vessel.  Equally as important, our adult volunteers provide positive role models for our young target audience to emulate.

Non-Profit Organization

As a non-profit organization, we are able to interact with other foundations and organizations that have targeted at-risk children as a priority.  By doing so, we share not only information, but also resources that help us to reach our objective.  We feel that from an educational standpoint, the benefits to a child involved in the program are virtually unlimited.  This program educates children socially as well as academically.  One phase of our program will have us construct, from blueprints, a small boat for day sailing.  Other volunteers will expose the children to navigation and help them gain a greater understanding of a relationship between man/woman, the ocean and the creatures that inhabit the sea.

Benefits of Sailing

Travel broadens the mind, while not an original concept, that axiom is still true today as when first written.  The program allows and provides opportunities for young people to interact with their counterparts from different countries and cultures.  It is through these relationships that our program can have its most tangible impact.  The success that some of the existing programs have had strongly encourages us at the Halley’s Comet Foundation to take a positive attitude towards this undertaking.  There is no question that today’s children are confronted with problems and situations that are often too much for them to cope with.  We hope that you will join us in our mission to help provide experiences, insight and mentoring to these at-risk children who represent our future.